How to stay safe with online dating

How to stay safe with online dating

Internet has brought many changes in our daily life, one of the most significant changes is the rise of online dating and the decline of other conventional ways of meeting a love partner. According to the survey conducted by University of Chicago, more than one-third of couples married from 2005 to 2012 in the United States met online. A spectrum of reactions: fury, inspiration, fatigue, exhilaration generated by online dating. A typical Americans spends more of her/his life than married, which indirectly means that she/he is likely spent more time searching for their partner online.

On the other hand, the internet can facilitate us to findings potential best match and also helps us to wedding through potential candidates, but simultaneously it can also open up doors for a number of potential threats as well. Internet dating eliminated the involvement of mutual friend or family member to setting up with dates. Internet dating made it difficult to know the nature of the person you are going to meet. So, online dating is indeed more dangerous than any other kind of dating. The below safety tips keep you safe while dating online.

1.Select the right dating site.

There are more than hundreds of dating sites to choose from, the top and trusted site will only helps us to find our goal. Generally, the major treat might be the site itself. If a site don’t follow and apply the highest level of security protocol, this will create problem for you and place your personal information a great risk. On the other hand, reputable websites like and have more security protocol and strong identity verification process which restrict scammer out of the site.

2.Avoid sharing your personal details on your online profile.

Don’t share too much personal information on your online dating profile. Unnecessary information will enable stranger to steal your personal identity and or track you down in real life. You must avoid sharing your last name, social medial account details and contact information. Treat other user to whom you are chatting with as a stranger, even they fells like an old friend. You must reevaluate you privacy setting if you sense something wrong with you profile. There is a chance that someone in your friend list could share your personal information from your profile with stranger people you don’t know that may create problem for you in future. Whenever you plan to meet, do the meeting in a public place. Never share your address until you are in an accomplished relationship.

3.Try to meet as soon as possible.

It is very easy to keep secrets online if the relationship is strictly bounded with online meeting or over phone over with text messaging only. I order to keep the relationship keep going; face to face meeting is necessary. If distance create obstacle to meet up, use Skype for face to face meeting. If the person making excuses and avoid face to face meeting or meet in person, you must understand that this relationship has no future and you should stop with that person immediately.

4.Do your research.

Before your decision to meet someone in person, you must try to explore more about the person you are going to meet. For this purpose you can search the profile of the person on social networking site. So that you able to analyze more about and compare what they demonstrate themselves in front you when you meet the person. “Facebook stalking” can be helpful and valuable tool in the online dating. Don’t hesitate to ask them for their online profile links. It may provide more information about the person.

5.Take precaution, when you are ready to meet.

There are many different precautions you should consider before meeting someone you only meet online. But you want to be careful while taking these steps. You must take healthy precautions without knowing the person about your motive else this will create doubts and mistrust to the individual. That can possibly harm a potential relationship before it flourishes in near future. You should follow the below guidelines to stay safe when meeting in real world:

  • Always plan to meet in a public place. Drive yourselfer or get a ride to the meeting place, but you must avoid your date to pickup up or take you home after meeting.
  • Try to make your first ever date a casual one. You can try out a coffee shop or may lunch is better than dinner.
  • Respect and listen carefully to the person. If the person wants to leave early for some important work, respect and support them as well. Don’t pressure them to stay long or having another drink.
  • Set a definite time limit on your first ever meeting. Don’t stretch the meeting session beyond it.
  • Stay always alert during the meeting. You should trust the person with you to be kind, respectful and generous, but this is not always going to be true in reality. You must take extra care when you are away with a stranger. Drink less and never leave your drink unattended.
  • Let a friend or family member know you are going with someone stranger and exactly where you are going. Set a time for them to check in on you and ensure that everything is fine.
  • You must ensure that your Smartphone is fully charged and give access your friend or family member to track you on your Smartphone.
  • Carry some emergency cash somewhere, it will be helpful if your wallet get lost or stolen.

Why Choose

Most of us have probably heard that Match has led to more dates, relationships, and marriages than every other dating website.

Most of us have probably heard that has led to more dates, relationships and marriages than every other dating website. has decades of experience, is trusted among daters, and legitimately works. You won’t be disappointed!

Follow the above tips to make your first date comfortable, enjoyable and memorable. You will have fun to know new people and having yummy food. Online dating is not any more risky if you apply these tips carefully. But is important to judge everything wisely and make a control over your emotions. Many people have bad experience and have nightmare experience with online dating, while millions of people able to find their true love with the help of online dating.


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