Match Account Help – Billing Inquiries/Cancel

Match Account Help – Billing Inquiries/Cancel is the most popular online dating service. It is a great online dating service that was the first to exist. Customers of may have been puzzled by numerous queries and concerns related to billing and cancellations of their subscriptions. Match Customer Service is always happy to help all such users and try to resolve their all queries. Billing all at once

It is to be noted that all subscription packages are billed as one charge for the total amount of the particular subscription package. You also have the option to compare the different monthly rates and choose the best suitable subscription for you. To check the total amount that will be billed, you are advised to check the “Review Your Subscription” section on the payment screen. does not offer prorate charges but offers a one-month subscription package if a user would like only to pay monthly. In fact, if you want to enjoy the best deal, 3 and 6-month packages are available at a comparatively much lower monthly rate as compared to paying month to month. If you wish to check our current subscription rates and packages, you need to click the “Subscribe” button available in the top navigation bar of the web page.

Double Billing of your Account

After completing your transaction for your new account subscription or you are renewable of your existing subscription, you may have noticed one or more “extra” transactions showing pending on your account, which is a result of authorization attempts made to your card. These authorization attempts might appear depending on your financial institution’s policies and should automatically drop off from your statement once the actual transaction has been completed. You may be informed by your financial institution that you have not been actually charged for other charges once your subscription transaction is complete.

Cancelling Additional Features

You can cancel an Additional Feature that you already have opted in the past at any time. To cancel unwanted features, you need to sign in to your account and follow these steps: Click on Account in the top navigation bar. Click on Subscription Status (you may be asked to re-enter your password of your account for security purposes). Click the “Deactivate” link available to the right of the service you want to cancel. Click on Yes option if asked that you are sure to cancel the feature. After cancelling the feature, you’ll notice that the “Deactivate” link will change to “Reactivate”. For any reason, if you wish to add the cancelled service back to your subscription, you only need to click the Reactivate link simply. This is to be noted that you will still be able to use the Additional Feature(s) you just cancelled until the end date showing on the Subscription Status page.

Cancelling/Resigning a Paid Subscription

If you currently have a paid subscription of and for any reason want to make sure you’re not charged at the end of your term, you’ll need to resign your current subscription. To resign your subscription, you need to visit the Change/Cancel Membership page under your Account Settings. You’ll ask to re-enter your account password as part of this process for your security. After resigning from your subscription, you can still able to sign in to your account, and you’ll be able to receive and reply to email messages through the end of your account subscription. After the end of your subscription term, you’ll lose those features. Still, your profile and photos will remain visible to other users(unless you selected hide them in your visibility settings). You’ll continue to enjoy free account membership features like search for your perfect Match and the ability to send and receive winks from other users across the site. You’ll also continue to receive Mutual Matches from us as long as you want to receive them and as long as your account profile remains active. You need to turn it off under the Match by Mail page in your Account Settings if you no longer wish to receive Match by Mail. If you’ve found a great match and want to make sure that your information is taken down from completely, you can achieve this by following the directions above to resign your subscription (don’t forget to hide your profile). Your personal information will be stored in our database for record and legal purposes only. don’t offer features like suspending your subscription or putting it on hold for a few months and suspending a Subscription Currently. We offer the feature for you to hide your profile until you are ready to use the site again (please note that in such case your subscription will still renew or end on the same date) if you wish to take a break.

Cancelling a Free Membership

You can cancel your subscription by visiting the Change/Cancel Membership page in your account settings if you don’t have a paid subscription. If you wish to cancel your membership, immediately hide your all personal information and profile photos from other members. If you wish to rejoin the services, you require signing in and reactivating your account. You can delete your account completely if you’ve found a perfect match and want to make sure your profile information is taken down completely from our website, and you can achieve this by following the steps above to cancel your account. Your personal information will be stored in our database for record and legal purposes only.

If you need any help and support about billing, call Match Customer Service toll-free number for instant help.’s support team is highly qualified and supportive to resolve your all queries. If you’re experiencing any problems, the match support team will work with you to make it right and adapt any processes. Always remember you can ask us for all your Match and dating-related queries, and we promise to answer them as thoroughly as we can.

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